“Caring for Your Wigs, Weaves & Extensions” Tips from the Pros

Today many women use hair extensions as a way to express their unique personal style or simply as a lifestyle solution. Unfortunately, when it comes to the pros and cons of getting a weave, myths and rumors abound. Below professional stylist and entrepreneur, Maja Sly, offers practical tips on how to purchase and maintain healthy and fabulous weaves.

Soft” does not (necessarily) mean “good.”— Don’t be fooled by the feel. During the hair selection process, many buyers mistakenly assess hair quality based on its softness. This is not necessarily true. Ask your hair retailer for a small swatch to shampoo. If it frizzes and sheds immediately after, think twice about your purchase. It may be treated and not truly “virgin hair.”

Higher prices do not guarantee high quality— A common misconception is that premium quality hair is always expensive. The truth is that prices have a huge range depending on the brand, hair type and what’s available based on your location. Compare prices and online product reviews before investing in expensive hair.

Invest in the right at-home haircare products – Proper at-home maintenance for wigs, weaves and extensions differs from how most women care for their natural hair, especially African Americans. This means tweaking your regimen to ensure you protect and moisturize your scalp. Also consider using a hair freshener between washes to keep your hair fresh.

It looks great so it can stay in longer– Beneath your weave, your hair and scalp still requires maintenance. Even if your weave looks fresh, be sure to remove it to shampoo, condition and trim your hair every 6-8 weeks. is will prevent unnecessary hair loss, protect hair from locking and preserve the overall health of your natural hair.

Wearing weaves makes a woman “fake” – Hair certainly does not make the woman, but it can make her life easier. In addition to offering versatility and style, wigs, weaves and extensions are a smart alternative for women who live busy, active lifestyles. It is also a viable option for women who are transitioning to natural from relaxers, color or some other chemical process.

“The key is for women to understand how extensions fit into their lifestyle and budget,” Sly commented. “With proper research, the help of a trusted stylist and access to quality hair, every woman can achieve the look she desires.”

Did you know?
The back hair care industry generates an estimated $500 billion each year
51% of black women say it’s worth it to spend more on hair care products to achieve the best results
39% of black women say they like to experiment with new hair care products, including weaves and extensions

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